Classes and courses on self-healing are available at Rani Holistic Health Centers. Classes offered include Yoga, Meditation, Massage/Self-Massage, Baby Massage. Courses offered include Ayurveda and Stress Management

Ayurvedic Courses

The course is designed to instruct students in the basics of the Ayurvedic Method and philosophy. Tenatively planned as a five-semester course each semester will stress a different area of the Ayurvedic Services. The first two semesters will cover the basic healing philosophy and bodily harmony as well as understanding of basic Sanskrit terminology. The second two semesters will introduce Ayurvedic conceptions of disease, preventive holistic methods and the basis of physical diagnosis. The final semester will cover an introduction to basic Herbology, Meditation and Yoga.

In keeping with the ancient Ayurvedic oral tradition of instruction class sizes will necessarily be small with emphasis on personalized instruction. Instructors will be both from the Ayurvedic and Allopathic fields and drawn from the Rani Holistic Health Centers, the Ayurvedic Association of America, and the Ayurveda Research Academy.

The course will be composed of three-hour lectures on Saturdays as well as tutorial sessions, written and oral exams and individual study. Classes are planned to begin next spring. For a brochure and further information please call or email us.