A variety of Ayurvedic treatments involving nutrition, exercise, meditation and cleansing enable you to develop positive lasting behaviors that promote lasting mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Herbal Nutrient Supplements

Rani Holistic Health Center offers Herbal Nutrient Supplements to ease:

  • Depression
  • Male rejuvenation
  • Menopause & PMS
  • Weight loss program
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Migraines

Experience the benefits of:

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Heart Disease

Holistic approach to preventing and healing heart disease through:

  • Ayurvedic vegetarian diet modification
  • Weight loss program

Stress Management using:



Consultation provides:

  • Determination of psycho-physiological body type
  • Biological age analysis
  • Recommendations for diet
  • Recommendations for daily routine and exercise
  • Recommedation for treatments
  • Recommendation of the herbal food supplements (HNS)


Basic Panchakarma Treatments

1) Oleation and Abhyanga Therapy, makes the skin soft, stimulates circulation, strengthens muscles, improves digestive power and revitalizes the whole body.

2) Steam Therapy, an herbalized steam opens up the pores and begins to rid the body of impurities through the sweat glands.

3) Shirodhara, the head treatment, with warm herbalized sesame oil relaxes nervous system and balances the energies which controls the functions of the brain.

4) Inhalation Therapy, herbal mixtures and medicinal oils are inhaled, clearing the sinus passages, draining excess mucus, and decreasing imbalances of energies (doshas).

5) Enema (Basti), is a cleansing process for the internal organs, flushing the doshas out through the intestinal tract.

6) Shirobasti, a cleansing process of the doshas which will help balance the Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

We advise fall, winter, spring and summer seasonal preparation of the body for proper balance as well as to develop a defense mechanism for the season.

The HNS is and should be complimentary to regular medical treatment and does not replace it.

Please call for more information regarding Panchakarma Treatments.

Holistic Cancer Support

Invoking the Power of the Mind to Promote Healing
Holistic Cancer Support Program

Cancer is a most dreaded & feared word for many of us. It’s very name evokes images of mortality, disability, social & personal struggle. Even the idea of treatment with chemotherapy or radiation causes the strongest of us to shrink away in fear of nausea, vomiting & weakness. Often, when we are dealing with cancer our emotions range from anger & denial to feelings of powerlessness & helplessness. These feelings in turn lead to loss of motivation, negativity & overall depression & despair.

Physicians have long agreed that a motivated patient is someone who responds best to treatment. Without personal desire & positive beliefs our own ability to heal is compromised. After all, healing is truly a multi-dimensional process otherwise why would two individuals who receive the same treatment for the same disease at the same stage respond differently? Healing is a process as much of the mind as of the body – it is the mind that gives the body the signals to start & continue the process. How? By signaling it’s desire or willingness to regenerate & rejuvenate, to go forward & survive. It is this energy, this power that we wish to make available to each & every patient, survivor or caregiver. By focusing our mind on positivity & increasing our inner resolve to improve & succeed we can augment our medical treatment & better heal ourselves.

This is where a unique support program is born. To harness the power within each of us to help make us whole. To do this we will involve a multi-factorial approach that will first strengthen & focus the mind using techniques of meditation & breathing. Next we will learn how to be more positive emotionally, physically & spiritually. The program will also focus on empowering ourselves & dispelling fears whether they be related to the disease or to the problems that result from it in our lives. Next we learn to listen & trust our bodies, to strengthen them & to care for them by using techniques like yoga & Tai-Chi as well as correct nutrition & diet. Finally we address spiritual & emotional concerns learning to use our emotions to help & not hinder us. Sessions for caregivers & with physicians for questions & explanations will also be part of the program.

Each session will be for one hour or less & held once biweekly with occasional workshop sessions. Sessions are not rigid as not everyone can be expected to come to all classes. All sessions in the program are open to cancer sufferers, survivors & caregivers for a charge of $5 to cover costs. We ask that if you are interested in attending please call us at the Rani Holistic Health Centers to let us know at (219) 887-7264 so we may expect you.

Primary Program Facilitators