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Ra-Slim - $32.99

A special combination of three fruits with Guggulu

  • Ra-Slim provides an Ayurvedic method of weight loss by helping stop the accumulation of undesired body fat.
  • Guggulu has anti-fat action through thyroid stimulation of ketosteroids which promotes fat catabolism. (Plant Media. 1984. p. 110-113)
  • Other important actions are cholesterol reduction and anti-inflammatory actions to aid in joint problems and muscle spasms to help in conditions such as arthritis.
  • Also Ra-Slim performs the Ayurvedic action of Lekhan (scraping or cleansing) which assists the body's natural cleansing function to remove cysts, tumors and uterine fibroids to maintain physiologic harmony.

Available in Tablets of 1 months supply at $32.99