A variety of Ayurvedic treatments involving nutrition, exercise, meditation and cleansing enable you to develop positive lasting behaviors that promote lasting mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Herbal Nutrient Supplements (HSN)

Rani Holistic Health Center offers Herbal Nutrient Supplements to ease:

  • Depression
  • Male rejuvenation
  • Menopause & PMS
  • Weight loss program
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Migraines

Experience the benefits of:

  • Herbal Massage Therapy
  • Arthritis physical therapy with Ayurvedic oils
  • Reiki
  • Regression therapy and hypnosis
  • Panchakarma treatment (oleation, steam, cleansing of the body, purification and rejuvenation)


Product Descriptions

Please note it is strongly recommended that Herbal Nutrient Supplements (HNS) be used in conjunction with Ayurvedic Consultation. This ensures that they will be most effective within the framework of a total health plan based on individual body type.


Rafemin is a Herbal Nutrient Supplement (HNS) that can be used for a variety of women's health issues ranging from menopause to PMS to painful monthly periods and excess bleeding. It is a uterine tonic and has anti-inflammatory and growth promoting agents as well. Rafemin can be used by women of any age after menarche. It is particularly helpful in alleviating the symptoms and difficulties of menopause and PMS. Rafemin contains the following primary herbs:
A Few Suggestions:
For PMS try and remove sugar and refined foods from your diet and decrease salt to reduce water retention. Also try and reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and fat 2 weeks before your period as they may contribute to PMS symptoms.

To alleviate the affects of menopause try a well-balanced diet with less of an emphasis on meats and institute an exercise regimen as well. Avoid cigarettes, caffeine and other stimulants and supplement your diet with calcium and vitamins.


Vi RaVira is a herbal nutrient supplement designed to increase the functioning of the body's immune system and resist infection as well. It has been formulated with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties as well as anti-oxidants to promote overall organ health.

Vira works very well in reducing the size and irritation associated with genital warts or ulcers of different varieties. The major components are: Amalaki (Phyllanthus Embelica) Amalaki is rich in Vit. C which is a strong antioxidant which can prevent the beginnings or worsening of chronic disease like atherosclerosis and so lower the risks of heart attacks and strokes.
Curcumin (Turmeric) has antibiotic, antifungal and aseptic actions on wounds. Curcumin is used in Ayurveda for it's liver protective effects against diseases such as cirrhosis and cholecystitis.


As we age our memory can become less and less reliable and although this is natural it is not usually desired and can cause us difficulty. Memora is a Herbal Nutrient Supplement that can not only improve memory span and reduce mental fatigue but also increase attention and mental focus. In fact a study conducted with children in India with the essential herb in Memora revealed an improvement in concentration, mental ability and general adjustment after six months! Memora also contains the component Triterpene which also has healing effects on connective tissue in the brain and throughout the body.


Throughout our lives our bodies are constantly changing often adjusting to our activity and stress level. Fatigue and premature ageing are often the result of such changes despite all our efforts to get enough rest. Chyavanprash is a rejuvenating supplement composed of multiple herbs and rich in Vit. C. It can help slow down the ageing process, relieve stress, increase energy levels and promote a chemical balance within our body. Ingredients like vitamins, flavinoids, are powerful antioxidants that can stimulate the immune system and help to reduce and prevent chronic illnesses like fatty vessel deposits. Chyavanprash also can improve metabolism at the cellular level and promote better functioning of our body's systems. Combined with the appropriate diet and exercise regime Chyavanprash can tremendously increase energy levels!


Ranquill is a poly-herbal non-habit forming preparation formulated to increase calm, peace-of-mind and overall well-being. Anxiety and stress can not only cause difficulties during the day but also lead to poor sleep at night that only furthers the cycle of fatigue. Ranquill promotes the natural harmony found within the body and so allows you to sleep more restfully and naturally without any effects after you awake. Ranquill contains the component of Valerian which has long been used to normalize and rejuvenate the nervous system. Other herbs are included which may reduce tension, stress, and irritability and increase relaxation. Of course antioxidants are also included to promote the health of the nervous system and the whole body as well.


Triphala GugguluWe are all now well aware of the risks and dangers associated with being overweight and many of us also know that losing weight is never easy! Triphala Guggulu represents an all-natural Ayurvedic method of weight loss. Using Triphala Guggulu in a comprehensive program of Ayurvedic diet and exercise can result in weight loss naturally and without the side effects from common prescription medications. Triphala Guggulu has two major effects which are hypolipidemic action and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies in India have shown a marked decrease in serum cholesterol and lipid content when used in a combined program of Ayurvedic diet and appropriate exercise. Its anti-inflammatory effects can be helpful in ailments such as arthritis to decrease pain and swelling. The anti-lipidemic action is helpful in short and long-term health by possibly decreasing the risk of lipid and fat associated health problems like heart disease.


Re VitalAs men approach their 40's they often find a decrease in athletic ability as well as sexual energy and libido - most likely due to an increase in life stress or a decrease in testosterone and/or Human Growth Hormone. Ayurveda has found that nurturing and supporting the endocrine system will often reenergize and revitalize an individual, thus giving men the confidence and assurance they need to enjoy their sexual life. The herbs in Ravital have been found to naturally increase libido, sexual energy and longevity as well as overall energy level without the unnecessary side effects from more conventional alternatives.


Ravital-3 is a multi-herbal preparation intended to promote increased libido and sexual health among women specifically. As a woman's nature is much different from a man both physically and mentally it is necessary to address these special needs. Thus, the herbal preparation of Ravital-3 is uniquely formulated for women to address their unique endocrinologic makeup. By naturally and gently removing the toxins caused by daily stress and removing any blocks incurred through illness or dosha Ravital-3 removes the impedances to healthy sexual functioning. By also functioning as a stress-reliever it can address the decreased libido associated with today's high-stress lifestyles. Finally, the energizing nature of Ravital-3 can increase overall health and rejuvenation to provide a more active lifestyle everyday.

Please note these products have not been evaluated by the F.D.A., U.S.A. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.